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  • The Andy Griffith Show: Authoritarianism

    In this clip we have the deputy do a comedic sketch of protecting the Andy by forcibly enlisting two other people who do not want to be part of this action. While it is filtered with comedy, there is the inescapable thought of an organized authority that tells its workers what to do as and subordinates them in a militaristic fashion of obedience. We can take it to the real world context of who and how authority handles protests (riots) as well as the hyper militarization of police in events like: Zoot Suit Riots, Occupy Movement, BLM protests, and the Insurrection.

  • The Andy Griffith Show: Classism and Gatekeeping

    Has profanity
    In this clip there is a singer chosen by Andy in a competition to sing as a representative. However, there is push back by the mayor because the appearance of the singer is not representative of what he wants in terms of wealth, respectability, and image. There is clear remarks of inequality and discrimination despite the talent of the singer and the fair opportunity he has won. There also is a hint of gatekeeping as the people with power are pushing back on the singer due to his looks.

  • The Andy Griffith Show: Stigma and Fear Base Decisions

    In this clip, we see that a person who Andy has arrested in the past wants to visit him. While he does take this lightheartedly, his deputy is driven with fear and paranoia of the vistiors intentions for revenge. While this is not unreasonable, there is a bias stigma against the innmate as the label and assumption of revenge follows him. Under a critical lens we must question how people interact and communicate this in and out the authority of the policing instituion. This clip is also framed within a certain time period in the US so drawing upon its morals and social conciousness at the time relative today only adds room for growth and deeper conversations of stigmatization.

  • The Andy Griffith Show: Historical Reflections and Values

    Here in this clip there is a recap on how the deputy misjudged the person visiting Andy. However there is a remark made that is muffled with comedy that is quite serious. "When you have been working as a police officer so long, your instincts take over". Specificly admist the rising levels of awareness of police brutality, we must use this piece of Americana Media to better make sense ofwhat is normalized as well as how we unpack this "instinct". There is room to use this clip for critical discussions of authority, police brutality, and concious building to relevance of the time period this media is made to now.