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Has profanity
Peter is very cautious of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. To ease his fear and anxiety Brian and Stewie take a trip inside his body and explain how the vaccine works and why he should not be afraid of it.
Hank discusses what we know about T cells and COVID-19 immunity. He talks about how a new theory, "herd immunity" in response to COVID-19 may not be the solution to the disease.
What is Corona Virus? How do viruses spread? This animation explains the COVID virus came about and was able to spread from host to host and create a global pandemic.
This clip explains COVID-19 and what is the best way to respond to it in order to avoid further outbreak.
This clip discusses the importance of wearing masks and what masks do to protect others and ourselves. This clip also disccuses the spread of COVID-19 and how face masks are important in stopping the spread of viruses.