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  • Fat Head: Why You Got Fat

    This clip explains how the body stores and removes fat. It dispels the notion that we gain weight because we eat more; rather, we eat more before we're gaining weight. It also explains how carbohydrates can contribute to weight gain.

  • Mr. Bean: Soundproofed Home

    Mr. Bean is unable to listen to music peacefully in his home. He gets creative and uses egg cartons to soundproof his home from the noisy construction outside.

  • Hook: Insults at Dinner

    Rufio uses adjectives to insult Peter Pan at the dinner table in front of the other Lost Boys. After some time, Peter Pan stands up for himself and replies with his own, creative insults. This is an excellent example of how powerful adjectives can be in language.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Rolf Challenges Eddy to a Duel

    Eddy, unaware of Rolf's customs, throws a fishball that Rolf made against a wall, which insults him. Eddy fails to recognize what he did to insult Rolf. When he tries to make up for it, he accidentally insults him further. To regain his honor, Rolf challenges Eddy to a duel.

  • Inside Eddie Johnson: Sugar Shock

    Eddie Johnson has consumed a lot of sugar, and The Pancreas Supervisor explains how he handles the emergency situation. He covers how the pancreas reduces sugar levels in the body using insulin and describes the result of the sharp drop in sugar levels: a sugar crash.