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Political parties are an organized group of people with common interests who join together to support policies like civil rights or taxes.
Political Campaigns are ways candidates can get across their policies and issues through social media, print, tv or by speaking to large groups of people.
You can argue that all art is political in some way. Even a pile of yarn or landscape painting can be interpreted through a political context. But the various moments of the 20th century are political in obvious ways. We're going to dive into Kathe Kollwitz and the German war. Then the Russian revolution by Kazimir Malevich and Vladimir tatlin and lastly Pablo Picasso. We have to consider how each of these works is political, how each artis used the material and platforms of their own times to make unforgettable statements, and how these approaches might inform our own modes and means of expression.
The Rwandese Alliance for National Unity reformed into the militaristic Reandan Political Front. It was a veteran force armed and poised for an invasion into Rwanda and Juvenal Habyarimana, seize power in Rwanda.Under hum, all political activiy was banned.
We continue to explore some of the most powerful artworks by Iri & Toshi Maruki and Martha Rosler making the case for political art one work at a time.