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This video unpacks the life of Ida B. Wells and her role in activism against racism. This is highlighted specifically in the case of three black men being lynched.
Alice reads about slavery and its abolishment through the Emancipation Proclamation. She also reads about black history and people who fought for Civil Rights like Malcom X, Fred Hampton, Angela Davis, and Dr. Martin Luther King. She realizes that she has been free despite being treated as a slave.
This clip describes some lesser-known facts about the American Revolutionary War. It mentions that there were actually two Boston Tea Parties and that Paul Revere did not ride alone. William Dawes, Samuel Prescott, and 40 additional men ended up joining Revere to warn fellow patriots that British troops were approaching Lexington. Also, African Americans, Native Americans, women, and pirates known as privateers supported the colonists' effort to gain independence from Great Britain.
A short biography of Booker T. Washington, an influential African-American educator and leader. He called for education and skill development for African-Americans, eyeing economic improvement as a means to equality.
The Johnsons are preparing for their annual Martin Luther King Day ski trip when one of Junior's friends explains how he is volunteering that day. Dre and family give Junior's friend a history lesson on Martin Luther King.