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  • Feature History: The Emu War

    Has profanity
    We take a in depth look at the Emu war. Australian Veterans return to their home Girt by sea and many decide to take up farming and western Australia on the land they had been rewarded with for their service. Emus numbering in the tens of thousands stormed the farms kick starting the war

  • Beakman's World: Beauty Marks

    Beakman briefly explains the history of beauty marks and that melanin causes moles and freckles. Phoebe acts like Cleopatra and illustrate how she used emulsion to create skin creams. Beakman then goes on to describe emulsions.

  • Beakman's World: Moon Phases

    Beakman explains what the moon is and its shape. Liza dresses up as a giant moon while Lester shines a spotlight to act like the sun. Beakman is the Earth, and they show that, depending on where the moon is, it will change the light reflecting off of it. Therefore, we see different phases of the moon. To explain craters on the moon, Beakman sets up a large box of flour covered in paprika and drops a large rock into it to emulate space debris hitting the surface of the moon.

  • Science with Sophie: Thinking Like a Computer Experiment

    Sophie conducts an experiment in which she emulates processing information as a computer would by making a banana sandwich. She stresses the importance of making your commands highly specific and clear. Her first attempt at making a sandwich is a comic failure; however, she successfully makes and eats the sandwich on her second attempt.