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The soldiers of Easy Company stumble upon a concentration camp in Nazi Germany while out on a routine patrol. Upon entering, they are appalled at the atrocities they find and the living conditions of the people there.
The public is informed via newspaper that all Jews must wear a visible blue Star of David whenever they are in public. The decree outlines all of the regulations and specifics on how the emblem should be worn. The instating of this stigma makes the Jewish people bigger targets for discrimination.
1920s Berlin was a city of immense contrasts and inequality. It was in this tumult that communism and Nazism gained adherents. This scene shows a communist protest outside of a police headquarters - these protests were officially banned. The scene ends with some carefree affluent boys talking matter-of-fact about contentious German politics.
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The Thirty years war started in 1618 and ended in 1648. It was a war about the protestant reformation. The catholics and protestants were at each others throat. With tensions high, we take a look at what started The Thirty year war.
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The Protestant King of Denmark, Christian IV, had a vested interest in this conflict. Denmark,England, and Scotland joined to protect the still- standing Dutch, who were completely neglected. We dive into how this war needed.