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Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin Roosevelt come together at the Yalta Conference to decide how to reorganize Europe. Several children enter the meeting and use different foods to symbolize the preferences of each of the world leaders.
Annie Kim shares three key points brought up by the Yalta Conference which include: the demilitarization of Germany, the establishment of Poland's borders, and the formation of the United Nations. 
The three world leaders Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Roosevelt come together during the Yalta Conference to decide how Germany will be defeated, divided and punished. Each leader has his own special interests, and together they decide on their post-war zones of influence across the globe. The Yalta Conference inadvertently set the rules for the Cold War.
A U-boat crew hears the alarm sound and prepares for an emergency dive. After the crew is in position, the captain reveals that it was only a practice drill so they don't get rusty in the event of a real emergency. Such drills help the crew escape the U-boat in the event of a mechanical failure or an attack by an enemy.
J. Robert Oppenheimer, chief scientist of the Manhattan Project, tests with his team the first atomic bomb. The test is successful.