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It was a war that caught the eyes of politicans media and creatives around the world. What began as the Spaniards wars was co-opted by fascists and communists of the worlds seeking to show the merit of their might.
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The Milirary coup launched in Morocco under franco's command generals across spain would rise up in every city. The police would reluctantly work with the leftist. This cooperation would result in the coos miscarriage. Cities across the republic would either fall or not beginning to draw the front lines to a new bloody civil war. We take a in depth look at this battle.
Ernest Hemingway narrates the opening of a The Spanish Earth, a film he wrote with John Dos Passos to bring the realities of the Spanish Civil War to a worldwide audience. It was created with the support of the left-leaning Republican, democratically elected government in Spain who were in conflict with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy backed Nationalist forces under Francisco Franco.
This clip provides an overview of Taiwan's geography, culture, and history. It explains that Taiwan is a unique and travel-friendly destination in Asia and shows where the island is located in relation to China. It discusses Taiwan's fractious relationship with mainland China and offers an overview of Tainan, including its history. It mentions that Tainan is the the island's oldest city and was the port of entry conquerors, such as the Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.