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The commonwealth was fairly serious regional power. The 17th century it almost annexed Russia, but it came to an end as it had weakened further and further until it was partitioned by three empires; Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Their sovereignty had been eliminated, however thier culture never died.
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As the First World War came to a close the map of central and eastern europe changed drastically. Many smaller nations had seen a chance to break away from Foreign powers, and the US president Woodrow Wilson made special note on Polish independence in his 14 points.
John inspires the Russians to become involved in the revolution against the Soviet Union.
The story of post-soviet power struggles western influence in the east russian rearmament it was the first and for the moment only conventional european war of the 21st century.
Russia's game of politics and control has left it with two dependent outposts and fence that indiscriminately separates people from their families and properties, and the russo-georgain struggles is still being written to this day.