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  • Monster Math Squad: Too Tall

    Monster Math Squad is tasked with taking a photo but the taller monsters are blocking the smaller monsters.

  • Cyberchase: Race of the Stairs

    In order to reach the Good Vibration of Shangri-La, Hacker chooses the stairs with bigger steps, and the CyberSquad must choose the stairs with smaller steps. Both sets of stairs grow at a steady rate: the smaller steps double in number each time they grow, while the bigger steps increase in number by one each time. The CyberSquad members were initially worried that they would not be able to catch up to Hacker, but they end up reaching the Good Vibrations before him.

  • The Big Bang Theory: Helium Prank

    Sheldon is invited to explain magnetic monopoles to the listeners of the NPR radio channel, and Barry Kripke takes this opportunity to pull a prank on him. Sheldon explains that ordinary magnets have two poles: a north and south. He mentions that cutting a magnet in half would not create a monopole; rather, it would create two smaller magnets, each with its own pole.

  • Akeelah and the Bee: Big Words and Little Words

    Akeelah learns about words' origins, and how, sometimes, big words are really just the combination of smaller words. Along the way, she begins to discover that understanding the context in which a word is used is more valuable than simply memorizing the definition.

  • A Bug's Life: Revolution

    Chief Hopper teaches his kind not to underestimate small ants for they can unite into a mass group and defeat the grasshoppers. To Hopper, the core to control smaller species is to manipulate their mentality: continually frightening them, imprinting in their minds that they are powerless, keeping them away from the thought of uniting.