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This clip describes the history of Mexico, how several US states originally belonged to Mexico, and a brief summary of the Mexican War.
An American soldier asks for permission to attend mass. The only churches around are Mexican churches, and the other soldiers consider it consorting with their enemy, Mexico.
This clip explains the history behind the holiday known as Cinco de Mayo and dispels misconceptions that the holiday celebrates Mexican independence.
Frida Kahlo is known for the masterful self-portraits she made during her turbulent life (1907 - 1954). We are fascinated by Kahlo for good reason. It's impossible to separate her remarkable and tragic life from her work, and she didn't want us to. Her beauty and resilience can make it hard to fully recognize the complexity and importance of the artwork that communicates it. We take a close look at her catalog, and consider what it tells us (and doesn't) about her as a person and her wider body of work.
A peasant speaks of the political turmoil in Mexico and how every revolutionist's attempts affect him in the same way: he loses his chickens.