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Brielle introduces the eight planets of the solar system and some fun spacecrafts.
Has profanity
The team brainstorms how to get the Apollo 13 crew back to Earth with time to spare even though their spacecraft is running out of power. Aaron suggests that the module conserve its power, and Kranz takes all measures necessary to ensure that they do not lose an American in space.
Using limited resources, the team at NASA needs to invent a way to fit a square cartridge into a round hole in order to create a CO2 filter. This filter would prevent the CO2 levels from rising too high in the spacecraft. Otherwise, the crew will face complications such as impaired judgment and blackouts.
Scrat enters a spacecraft and accidentally increases the intensity of the gravity so much that he cannot move.
Has profanity
Three astronauts are stranded in the middle of space in a damaged spacecraft. Losing breathable air by the second, the astronauts work together with mission control on Earth to survive.