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Derek is tasked with performing a risky surgical procedure in order to remove a spinal tumor from a patient. He and Meredith discuss the problem and potential solutions. During the discussion, Derek draws a diagram of the spine that illustrates the issue the patient is facing. Derek faces a dilemma: if he cuts the cord, he will kill the tumor, but the patient will lose function in both of his legs. Derek tries to find a way to cure the tumor without cutting the cord.
Four-year-old Brielle teaches Ellen and the audience about the skeletal system. She identifies several bones, including the Clavicle, Skull, Patella, Scapula, and Sternum, and explains their function.
Hank discusses the various types of connective tissue and explains what the body can and cannot easily break down.
Hank offers a brief history of histology by explaining the technological progress required to make histology a discipline in science today. He mentions key people and events in the discipline's development.
Hank introduces connective tissue and explains where it is found in the body. He outlines four major classes of connective tissue and the role they play in the body: Proper, Cartilage, Bone, and Blood.