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An old, wisened Native American is passing on the story of the Tree of Life to young Native American children. As he tells the story, he hears and sees Dr. Blight's robots chopping down trees of the forest. Dr. Blight wants the tree of life, the old man protests. The Old Native American man's son, surprisingly, tells his father that Dr. Blight is willing to pay large sums of money for the tree. The Old Man warns that the forest is doomed if the Tree of Life is chopped down but his son claims that it's only a superstition.
The Planeteers learn about the culture of the Native Americans and how they honor the spirit of the animals they hunt.
Native American children are initiated into a native American boarding school. These schools were created in order to assimilate Native American children into American culture. One cild attempts to escape the school, soon coming to realization that this is now a part of his new life. whihc he must accepct.
Captain Planet was taken prison by Dr. Blight. The Native American father & son resolve to stop Dr. Blight but Wheeler informs them that Dr. Blight has captured Captain Planet. The son states that his father knows "the old ways of tracking" and the father employs it to locate Captain Planet.
After being introduced to a member of the Iroquois tribe, Omri receives a small introduction on who they are and conflicts they are involved in.