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Charlie, Amita, and Larry explain how they can match a crime to a specific criminal using a quadratic discriminant analysis to see which known criminals are most drawn to a specific crime.
Mysterious disappearances are occurring all over the planet Mobius, and Sonic sets out to solve the mystery. He tries to create a profile of the criminal based on eyewitness accounts, but it doesn't work out so well.
The media is used to represent black leaders as dangerous, internal threats to the nation. White leaders aren't strong, its the inability of the black community too defend themselves from criminalization.
In this scene, Charlie and Don realize that their mathematical model is wrong because they were focusing on the wrong factor (the home) as opposed to the right one (the criminal's workplace).
While hunting for a criminal who is good at hiding his face, Don asks Charlie to see which crime syndicates their suspect may be a part of. To figure it out, Charlie explains the belief propogation which takes scattered data and pulls it into a coherent image.