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  • The Office: Michael's Donation

    Has profanity
    Michael makes a very generous donation to Oscar's walkathon charity but doesn't read the fine print. He ends up pledging more money to the cause and feels obligated to honor it because it is for charity.

  • Better Off Ted: 95 Cents of Every Dollar

    Veronica and Linda confront Mr. Page, head of the Veridian Foundation, about the low percentage of donations going to the Girls Charity. They push for 100% of the donations to go to the charity as opposed to the meager 5% of donations.

  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Helping Hand

    The Planeteers discuss the issue of homelessness and how viewers can help.

  • The Big Bang Theory: Clothes Donation

    Penny, Amy, and Bernadette go to a clothes donation bin to donate some of Penny's clothes and are tempted to take clothes for themselves.

  • The Big Bang Theory: Stealing from the Charity Bin

    Penny, alongside Amy and Bernadette, went to a clothes donation box to donate some of Penny's old clothes where she ends up stealing old clothes from the box.