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  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Make Garbage a Small Problem

    The Planeteers are called by Gaia to stop a new villain, Sly Sludge from polluting the Earth with another one of his trash dumping schemes. When the Planeteers confront Sludge, he tells them that he no longer dumps trash and has found the answer to the problem of waste management forever. He "demonstrates" by having a machine that shoots intense beams of light supposedly shrink the trash, but unbeknownst to the planeteers, it's all smoke and mirrors.

  • Cyberchase: Sleight Angle

    The Earthlings consult with Chief about whether or not Sleight O' Hand stole Hacker's recharger key. Chief claims that Sleight looks like a triangle and thus committed the crime, but Inez suggests that there could be other suspects. She states that they should look at the evidence from every point of view because shapes look different at different angles. They revisit the video footage to determine if Sleight O' Hand is still a suspect.