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Before regenerating, the Doctor's memories of his companions come to life, giving him a chance to say good bye to them one last time.
Scott learns a lesson about rhyming words and composes a poem. Harry teaches him that A poem is almost like rap without the music. Rhyming words are words that sound alike. In a poem that rhymes, which means that the last word in every other line always sounds alike.
Alan and Jake are eating in the kitchen on a Friday night, and Alan suggests that Jake get started on his homework early so that he doesn't have to worry about it. To convince Jake to do his homework, he explains how Charlie's grades suffered when he was a student because he put off his homework until the last minute. Alan later tells Jake to stop procrastinating, and he defines the word and uses it in a sentence when Jake asks what "procrastinating" means.
Don't forget about the last letter of the alphabet: "z"! It is an important part of so many words.
In order to ensure that Akeelah doesn't get eliminated from the spelling bee, Javier found ways to prolong his turn. He wanted to make sure that she would be able to return in time for her next word. As Akeelah went against her mom and joined the spelling bee, Akeelah tried to convince her mom one last time to let her participate. They made up with Akeelah gaining forgiveness from her mother.