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  • Adaptation: I Can't Sleep

    Charlie feels he is a failure because he cannot adapt a book. A voice coming from the book tells him how to find writing inspiration.

  • Freedom Writers: I Am Home

    Ms. Gruwell teaches her students to use writing as an outlet for self expression and storytelling.

  • Freedom Writers: We Mattered

    Ms. Gruwell creates a final project for her students. She encouraged them the put their diaries into a book just like Anne Frank.

  • I Love Lucy: Lucy Writes a Novel

    Lucy starts writing a novel about Ethel, Fred, and Ricky. She reads an excerpt that describes Ricky's journey to the United States from Cuba. After Ricky points out the inaccuracies, Lucy states that writers twist the truth in order to make their work more exciting. Everyone tries to read the novel to see what Lucy wrote about them, but she stops them since she is not yet ready to share it.

  • TED-Ed: How to Make Your Writing Suspenseful

    What makes a good horror story? Hideous monsters and fountains of blood might seem like a good place to start, but as horror author H.P. Lovecraft wrote, “The oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Writers harness that fear not by revealing horrors, but by leaving the audience hanging in a state of suspense. Victoria Smith gives some tips for adding suspense to your writing.