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Jerry, Elaine, and George are eating at a restaurant, and George claims he is having a heart attack. Jerry and Elaine don't believe him, especially becauseĀ his claims of being in a dire situation inĀ the past were invalid. After some time, they realize heĀ is actually suffering and call for help.
Beakman explains why we have a heart and uses some short clips to show what a heart is and what it does. Then he uses and clogged sink to explain what a clogged artery is and various ways to fix it. He covers an angioscope and heart bypass surgery.
The effects of stress on heart function are shown while Homer talks to Mr. Burns. Homer dies but returns for the promise of some ham.
The human heart beats up to 3 billion times over an average lifespan. Learn about the anatomy of the heart and how this muscular organ provides life-giving oxygen throughout the body.
Freezer Burn sings "Give Your Heart a Valentine" and shows what should we eat and how to behave in order to keep a healthy heart.