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C.J. Barnes has to substitute for a class. Initially, he is fearful and tries to relate to the students. However, he quickly loses control of the class. When the principal tells him to come up with something of his own that will help him regain authority in the classroom, he does it and manages the classroom on his own.
Teacher Harriet assigns classrom jobs to the children. Daniel is initially sad that he has the lunch helper job, as he wanted to be line leader, but Teacher Harriet explains to him that he will get his turn, and that all jobs are equally important
Sal shows us the different classes of levers that he has in his science shop. He illustrates how each class of lever works and provides examples of real-world objects that use each class of lever.
Has profanity
Jim performs a conditioning experiment on Dwight involving Altoid breath mints. Whenever his computer reboots, he offers Dwight an Altoid, and Dwight takes one every time. After this occurs a few times, Dwight indicates that he expects an Altoid the next time he hears the sound of Jim's computer rebooting. This clip can be used for classical conditioning when looking at theories of learning.