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This clip includes details about the difference in land required to support a plant-based diet and a meat-based diet.
A couple brings their baby into the clinic to see Dr. House. Realizing the baby is regressing in percentile, the parents admit to having the baby on a vegetable diet. House educates them on the dietary needs of a baby.
Billy dreams that he is a special guest on a cooking show called "The Cast Iron Stomach" where he bakes cookies by blending junk food together. He is abruptly woken by Grim and then realizes that he did the same thing in his living room before passing out on the couch. Mandy reminds him that he's supposed to stay away from junk food just as he finds himself getting sick from all he's consumed.
Brielle reminds us to eat a healthy diet, have proper protection from the sun, and to exercise.
This introduction to healthy eating asks a series of questions to create curiosity around what constitutes a healthy diet.