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The narrator discusses the life of Shi Huangdi, the first Emperor of Unified China and his accomplishments such as the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army.
The narrator describes how the Qing Dynasty of Ancient China was created, and how and why the Chinese built the Great Wall of China during this time period. Then, it is explained how Meng Tian, the general who completed the wall, felt remorse for destroying the land to build the wall.
A brief history from Crash Course on the Han Dynasty. John explains about the Mandate of Heaven and how the Han Dynasty focused on Confucianism.
Mr. Peabody and Sherman travel to the year 214 BC on the borderline of China and Mongolia. They visit Louie to tell him to build the Great Wall of China to block out the Mongols from visiting.
The narrator describes how the Han dynasty of Ancient China came to power and how they depended on a Steppe nation, the Yuezhi, for horses. The Xiongnu, a group of mounted nomads, came to power. The Han government made peace by giving the Xiongnu various resources, including silk. This material became widely known and gave other countries a romanticized view of China.