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The CyberSquad figures out how to measure one cup of sand using a two-cup measure and a three-cup measure. They simplify the problem by breaking it down into two actions: pouring and filling. Only after breaking the problem down do they come to the solution.
In this song, a boy would like to purchase a bicycle but doesn't have enough money for it. He is encouraged to consider all of his options, including looking at cheaper bikes, waiting for a price change, and asking for the price of the bike at other stores. This song assures us that we can find solutions to most of our problems by taking time to think about them and try different approaches.
Great Aunt Sylvia drops by with a special present for George - a toy front loader that's ... defective? With a little hand drill and some creative thinking, they fix the toy.
After Shaun came up with an experimental procedure to save a man from never being able to eat solid food or speak again, which results as, problem solving for the patient.
Professor Nash is disturbed by the noise of construction when he is teaching the class, so he closed the windows in the classroom. Because the classroom is hot, Alicia decided to open the windows and talked to the construction workers about the situtaion. After her approach, the construction workers agree to work in other areas.