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  • Square One Television: Finding the Average Snowfall

    A weatherman and the building's security guard team up to figure out the average snowfall on a roof.

  • Square One Television: Averages

    Square One TV illustrates the concept of averages and how to find them. The three characters must find the average number of books they should be carrying.

  • PBS Math Club: Finding the Mean

    In this clip, the Math Club find the mean or average of a data set.

  • Cyberchase: The King's Jester

    The jesters are auditioning for the king and don't know if the king is short or tall. They want to send someone who is not too tall and not too short so as not to insult him, but they don't know which one of them fits that criteria. The CyberSquad lines the jesters up from shortest to tallest and repeatedly takes one away from each end of the line to find the jester that is the middle height.

  • Cyberchase: Placing Can Orders

    Slider finds Cyroxide receipts for the month of July from the previous year, and the CyberSquad writes down on a calendar how many Cyroxide cans were sold on each day. Excluding an outlier, a holiday, they find a pattern for each week: an average of 30 cans are sold on weekdays, and an average of 60 cans are sold on weekends. They use the pattern they've identified to accurately place an order for the next six days of business.