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  • Numb3rs: Venn Diagrams

    In this clip, Charlie uses multi-dimensional Venn diagrams to narrow a list of suspects.

  • Odd Squad: Mutual Dislikes

    Ms. O tells a story about the hydraclops' attack on the Odd Squad headquarters. One of the agents finds out what each hydraclops dislikes and represents their dislikes in a venn diagram. Unfortunately, the team has only enough time to fire one shot at both hydraclops, so they will need to find something that both of them dislike. Ms. O explains venn diagrams to the team and uses one to find a mutual dislike: eggs yolks.

  • Cyberchase: The Lucky Charm

    In order to find the lucky bunny, the CyberSquad rounds up all of the bunnies in a pen. They learn from Motherboard that the lucky bunny is blue or tall, so they segment all of the blue bunnies into one circle and all of the tall bunnies into another circle. They put the bunnies that match both criteria into a middle circle, creating a venn diagram, to indicate that they are part of both groups. Using a final piece of information from Motherboard, they identify the lucky bunny.

  • Square One Television: Triangular Thinking

    To figure out how to win a hand shaking game, two tv hosts describe what it means to think triangularly.

  • Numb3rs: Voronoi Diagrams

    In this clip, Charlie explains Voronoi diagrams with an analogy to fast food restaurants. The diagram would partition the restaurants into cells and for people who live within each cell, that restaurant would be the closest place they could get fast food. He uses this concept to also find likely settlement sites by finding a close water source.