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Akeelah went to see her coach only to have him tell her that she needs to learn how to speak proper English instead of slang.
Savannah learns why it is important to choose words carefully and how to say sorry after you hurt someone's feelings. Harry tells Savannah that she should always pick her words carefully because words have power. She realizes that she has to be more careful about what she says if she doesn't want to hurt people's feelings.
Bill shows how units of length, such as a meter, can be used to measure the mass of an object. He mentions a few unit conversions, most notably that a liter of water is equivalent to a kilogram and stresses that only three-tenths of a meter and water are needed to measure an object's mass.
After waking up from playing dead, the toys get back to their normal conversation and Bo Peep puts the moves on Woody.
Square One TV shows kids how to convert decimals to percentages. The store must convert the special deals to percentages to make them more attractive to customers.