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  • Hip Hop Harry: Everybody Is A Winner

    Savannah is really excited about the dance contest and wants her orange team to win but her sister Sophina is on the other team. Savannah doesn't want her sister to feel bad if her sister‘s team loses. Harry tells Savannah that it's nice that she is worried about her sisters feeling but there's nothing wrong with working hard and wanting to win the dance contest. Harry also tells her that it's natural to want to win because it means that she is gonna give it her very best and she believes in herself and her team. Sisters Savannah and Sophina learn the importance of positive competition

  • Hip Hop Harry: Importance of Sharing With Friends

    The kids learn different ways to share when everybody brings a favorite thing to show their friends. This episode promotes that sharing is caring!

  • The Angry Birds Movie: The Slingshot

    Leonard asks for a volunteer to demonstrate the pigs' last gift to the birds, a slingshot. Since Red was disruptive during his presentation, he chooses Red, who is reluctant to participate. His fellow birds and the spotlight pressure him to participate.

  • Despicable Me: Distance Contest

    The minions participate in a contest to see who can cover the most distance away from the main platform. We don't understand what the minions are saying, but we can infer from their actions that they are participating in such a contest.

  • Teen Titans Go!: The Sharing Economy

    Robin explains the sharing economy to the rest of the Teen Titans, as they are unfamiliar with it. He makes sure to show how much money he made through his participation, which entices the other Titans to join. Robin then demonstrates how to participate in the sharing economy: using a smartphone application. Cyborg uses the app to rent out his left arm to Beast Boy.