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Pablo turns on the TV to a show called "Lugar de Vacaciones," in which Sam is the host. He mentions several travel destinations, such as Florida, Thailand, and Egypt. Then Sam lists the ways that people typically travel to those destinations: by plane, by train, or by car.
Bonnie is going on vacation to Hawaii, and the toys find their own ways to relax. The toys exemplify human characteristics such as vacationing, playing videogames, talking, and more.
Peter forgets the purpose of his call after Joe's long voicemail recording.
While traveling, Audrey falls asleep and dreams about food. In the dream, she is served a neverending stream of food by butlers, and she gets so full that her stomach inflates.
Clark is trying to turn on his festive house lights but is unable to do so after several attempts. His mom walks in the garage to turn the light on, and the house suddenly lights up, causing the rest of the neighborhood to dim. When Clark's mother turns the switch off, the outside lights turn off as well. Ellen finally realizes the problem and turns the light switch in the garage back on to keep the house aglow.