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Taylor joins a support group for students who have been bullied online, and they discuss the ways in which to handle unpleasant comments directed towards them online. They discuss topics such as saving the evidence and talking to trusted adults about the bullying.
Square One TV illustrates the concept of averages and how to find them. The three characters must find the average number of books they should be carrying.
A weatherman and the building's security guard team up to figure out the average snowfall on a roof.
Kip talks to members of an environmental organization about why they do not talk about the harmful effects that animal products have to the environment. The gases that are released when raising livestock for food and drinks are more harmful than other fossil fuels. Because of the increase in meat and dairy consumption, there is going to be a major increase in dangerous pollution. He notes that the industry is destroying oceans, animals, and other water consumption problems. But Kip is also worried about why the government is not talking about this.
Has profanity
The gym teacher encourages all of the high school girls to open up to each other in order to help them get along.