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In this scene, Dr. House witnesses a scene of seeming hysteria on a plane.
The Minions are holding a celebration due to the new change in government. The queen's crown is stolen by the former ruler, and the minions proceed to chase her to get the crown back. Once again, the crown is stolen by the New Boss, who the minions immediately chase and follow in admiration.
The group of women sing about the amazing American life and the opportunities that it offers, while the men take a pessimistic view on America.
Fred attends a group therapy session for some advice in dealing with his brother, Santa Claus. One of the participants is enraged by Fred's claim that Santa Claus is his brother, as he believes it is a joke, and the rest of the people in the session try to calm him down. Another member of the therapy session offers some brotherly advice which resonates with Fred.
Dwight is confident that experience is the best teacher. He simulates a real fire for his co-workers to find out if they understand what to do in the event of a fire. During the simulation, he tries to give them advice, but they are too panicked to pay attention to him.