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This scene shows the similarities between the concept of manifest destiny in the United States and expansion in Rome. The Americans state that manifest destiny "can't be stopped," explaining one of the core beliefs of the ideal: that the United States has an irresistible destiny to expand across North America.
A brief explanation of the origin of the term manifest destiny and the goal of expansionists.
Has profanity
The area today known as Texas was a part of Mexico, the US has yet adopted manifest destiny and the frontier was very much alive. Spain and France would both claim the region, but the french would be the first to settle it in the 17th century, but everyone died so the fertile plains of texas were untapped. We explore the development of this land
In this scene, the religious nature of many of the colonies is explored by a speech, as well the idea that settlers were given the land by God.
John discusses how people moved west and how it affected the Native Americans.