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Hank explains that the process of meiosis 2 is exactly the same as mitosis, though the goal is different: instead of duplicating the double chromosomes, meiosis 2 pulls them apart into separate, single-strand chromosomes. Like meiosis 1, meiosis 2 has four phases: prophase 2, metaphase 2, anaphase 2, and telophase 2.
This clip explains how eggs, lean meat, milk, beans, and nuts contain high amounts of protein.
Phil conducts an experiment involving hot water, a flask, and an egg. He fills the flask with hot water, dumps out the water, then plugs the flask with the egg. Phil explains that the egg gets pulled into the flask by the difference in pressure outside and inside the flask. Phil then explains how to get the egg out of the flask: by increasing the pressure inside the flask using his breath.
Mother penguins transfer their eggs to the father penguins so they can go hunting. One penguin couple successfully transfers the egg without damange. Another penguin couple do not succeed and their egg cracks and freezes.
Hacker has captured the king of Happily Ever Afterville and demands a ransom of 1,300 golden eggs. The CyberSquad and the residents work together to count the number of golden eggs they've accumulated. Then they use multi-digit addition to determine if they have enough eggs to meet Hacker's ransom.