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  • Seinfeld: The Pledge Drive

    Jerry is hosting a pledge drive for a local PBS station. His grandmother calls in to talk to him about some checks she's written him that bounced. Kramer receives her call, and asks, "You listen to the station, don't you? Don't be a freeloader!" He then announces that Jerry's grandmother, who is on a fixed income, has donated $1,500 to the station. Broadcast television is a pure public good—nonrival, nonexcludable, and with no commercials to fund its programs, relies on voluntary contributions to survive. No wonder it's always on the verge of collapse!

  • Seinfeld: The Parking Space

    George won't pay for a parking spot in a garage because he would rather find a public spot (nonexcludable) for free. George backs into a spot while another guy comes in headfirst, resulting in the question, "Who is entitled to the space?" Insecure property rights have led to overuse and conflict. George says, "I was here first." The parking jam-up ruins street access for everyone else; everyone ends up fighting about property rights, even the police, who can't decide.