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  • Seinfeld: Break-up Debate

    George is dating a pianist. He needs "hand," as she is clearly the alpha member of the pair. Kramer suggests a preemptive breakup. George analyzes—if she accepts the breakup, there's no loss, as she was going to break up with him anyway. If she rejects the breakup, he will have established himself as the alpha member. Therefore, the preemptive breakup is a dominant strategy. It works; he gets a high payoff.

  • Seinfeld: The Barber

    Jerry gets a bad haircut but refuses to change barbers because he is loyal. Eventually, he is convinced to leave his barber of 12 years for the barber's nephew. Bad quality doesn't persist in the marketplace; it is competed away. Perhaps the answer to bad haircuts is not more regulation, but more competition.