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Mann explains that machines would not be able to complete the mission, because they do not possess the same survival instincts as humans making them less effective.
Eep's father tells the rest of the family a story about the dangers of curiosity and how it can lead the members of the family to die. He advises them to stay in their normal routine and not to think about anything new. While telling the story, he draws and paints on the walls.
Mavis Gary holds a conversation with her parents detailing how she feels about her past, present, and future. She talks about being an alcoholic, her relationship with her ex-husband, and her sudden meeting with her now-married high school boyfriend, Buddy Slade.
Here in this clip there is a recap on how the deputy misjudged the person visiting Andy. However there is a remark made that is muffled with comedy that is quite serious. "When you have been working as a police officer so long, your instincts take over". Specificly admist the rising levels of awareness of police brutality, we must use this piece of Americana Media to better make sense ofwhat is normalized as well as how we unpack this "instinct". There is room to use this clip for critical discussions of authority, police brutality, and concious building to relevance of the time period this media is made to now.
The teacher poses to his students the Monty Hall problem, which investigates the probability of choosing a correct answer given three options and the subsequent probability of changing the original choice. The teacher explains why his students' instincts are not correct.