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  • Wild Kratts: Black or White

    Chris and Martin find out the hidden power of zebra stripes.

  • The Lion King: The Circle Of Life

    All the animals in the animal kingdom rush to see the new prince of the animal kingdom, a lion cub named Simba. This clip shows many of the animal species that live in Africa, including but not limited to lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra, and ostrich.

  • Khumba: Springboks!

    Khumba, Bradley, and Mama V run from the Springboks and cannot escape because a wired fence encloses them. The Springboks turn out to be friendly; they are just emigrating to greener (and safer) pastures. This clip depicts the following African animals: zebra, ostrich, wildebeest, springbok.

  • Arthur Christmas: Nice Kitties

    Arthur, Grandsanta, and Bryony escape from man-eating lions on Santa's sleigh. In the process of rescuing two of their reindeer, they make all of the animals in the surrounding area float in the air. These animals include lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, and more.

  • Madagascar: Alex is Hungry

    While at a party with the lemus, Alex starts to see everyone in the wild as steaks due to hunger. King Julien and Maurice help to explain that Alex is acting that way because it is natural in the wild for lions to eat zebras. The two later work to prevent Marty from being eaten.