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  • The Big Bang Theory: In a Good Position

    Raj is upset about being alone on Valentine's Day. Howard, however, is happy with his girlfriend.

  • The Chorus: Goodbye, Chrome Dome

    When Mr. Mathieu ends the school year term, he receives notes of affirmation for the positive impact he made on his students. He had questioned if anyone truly acknowledged his existence, but in this moment of gratitude, he knew his presence was unforgettable.

  • Wall Street: Greed Is Good

    At an annual stockholders meeting, Gekko gives a convincing speech in which he asserts that greed is a strong motivator for accomplishment. He describes it as a positive trait that is central to human achievement.

  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: Good Manners

    Double D uses bandages to inflict pain on Ed and Eddy whenever they demonstrate poor manners. His goal is to improve their behavior. After just a short time, it appears that his strategy is working. Double D's strategy is an example of positive punishment since an unpleasant stimulus (the removal of the bandage) is applied to decrease a negative behavior (yelling or being rude). This concept is not explained entirely correctly in the clip, however. Double D explains that his actions remind Ed and Eddy of their manners (a reinforcer for positive behavior) rather than punish them for their negative behavior. Regardless, this clip is an excellent illustration of operant conditioning.