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  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Dracula and Van Helsing

    Dracula and Van Helsing, despite being bitter enemies in the present, were inseparable best friends in the 1970's. A flashback reveals their history.

  • Feature History: Spanish Flu

    The unusual disease that came out of nowhere ravaged the world and disappeared humanity has been fighting diseases as long as humanity has existed but spanish flu is quite unique as the world population grew and we became more interconnected throughout history. We fought bigger and bigger pandemics however we learned how to urbanize long before we ever learned how to properly fight these diseases.

  • Feature History: Second Wave of Spanish Flu

    Auguest of 1918 though that the flu managed to mutate becoming more viral and bringing with it an increased mortality rate this was the second wave of spanish flu

  • Feature History: The End of Sino-Japanese War

    The joseon Kingdom would become the empire of korea. Totally independent but all knew this would be short-lived with russian and japanese imperoal interests strongly butting heads on the peninsula war would be inevitable. Japan had refromed and modernized following the example of western imperialism to carry out the ambitions of the empire would require following this example closely and so asia in the 20th century would know war

  • Biography: Ernest Hemingway Mini Bio

    A short biography of Ernest Hemingway, an influential 20th century author and journalist best known for works such as The Sun Also Rises and The Old Man and the Sea. He is one of the most famous writers of the "Lost Generation," people who came of age during or shortly after the first World War and became disillusioned by the senseless death and destruction.