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Depicts the daily tasks and reponsibilites of Colonial women and their role in society in Colonial settlements
Mrs. Doolan teaches Mandy how to fence and states that she was a champion. Mandy, believing Grim's story that Mrs. Doolan is a ghost, grows scared with Mrs. Doolan's displays of hospitality, believing she will be fed to Mrs. Doolan's pet spider. Mrs. Doolan clarifies that Grim has been spreading rumors about her ever since she beat him in a staring contest, and goes on to state that she has beaten him in just about everything, including a boxing match. It is heavily implied she was one of the female combatants in the emancipated duels, even though the dates on the photographs of her beating Grim do not reflect this.
Alice Paul takes the women's suffrage movement by storm and is part of a coalition who risk their lives to help American women win the right to vote.
Describes how women obtained the right to vote in the United States.