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  • Liar Liar: Traffic Violation

    Has profanity
    Fletcher knows he cannot lie, so when a Police Officer pulls him over he worries he will not be able to talk his way out of the situation.

  • Apollo 13: Re-Entry Scene

    Friends, Family, and Nasa crew wait anxiously for word on the Apollo 13 crew as they re-enter the atmosphere.

  • Father's Day: Bridge Anxiety

    Dale is frightened of driving among so many people which causes him to drive incredibly slow, holding up traffic.

  • Dilbert: Steaming Pile of Failure

    This clip illustrates society's perceived taboo of failure and the way in which founders prefer to not disclose the worries of their start-up to their peers.

  • Apollo 13: Landing on the Moon

    An astronaut explains to his son how his upcoming moon landing will work (if all goes well). He also discusses the Apollo 1 tragedy with his worried son.