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Ed's penpal sends him memorabilia from his home country. Rolf sees this memorabilia, and it reminds him of some trauma he experienced as a child. Rolf hurts the Eds in response, and they are confused as to what is wrong with Rolf.
Eleanor blames her parents' divorce on her unethical ways and personality. On the other hand, the other Eleanor describes how her own childhood trauma motivated her to go to law school and make ethical choices.
A World War II veteran, Fred, returns home to his small-town American life and is plagued with flashbacks from his service in the military. Peggy comforts Fred when he has nightmares.
Has profanity
Leo asks Josh about his day with Stanley, a psychotherapist. He uses a metaphor to describe Josh's PTSD situation and states that he'd like to help him. After Josh leaves the office, the carolers trigger Josh's PTSD.
Has profanity
Steven's friend, the Centipeetle, has difficulty communicating, but shares her story about her life before her gem was damaged.