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  • The Mummy Returns: Imhotep's Death

    The pyramid is collapsing, and Rick and Imhotep are in a perilous situation. Despite the dangerous environment, Evelyn risks her life to save Rick, while Anck Su Namun makes the decision to save herself and leave Imhotep.

  • Penguins of Madagascar: I Make My Own Options

    High up in the air in the cargo of an airplane, the penguins feel their options are limited. Skipper creates more options by ejecting the cargo, in addition to himself and the other penguins, from the airplane. The penguins strategically use the contents of the crates to land safely in the desert.

  • The Wire: What Are The Options?

    Stringer discusses with Mr. Lucas a company's options when it is operating in a competitive market and has an inferior product. Mr. Lucas suggests acquiring competitors or dropping the price to gain market share. He warns Stringer that the latter tactic will lead to lower product credibility and mentions the example of Worldcom.

  • Apollo 13: Failure is Not an Option

    Has profanity
    The team brainstorms how to get the Apollo 13 crew back to Earth with time to spare even though their spacecraft is running out of power. Aaron suggests that the module conserve its power, and Kranz takes all measures necessary to ensure that they do not lose an American in space.

  • Big Mouth: Contraception Choices

    Has profanity
    A TV show host helps Leah, a 16 year-old girl, learn about her contraception options. It illustrates and personifies options including: condoms, the pill, the implant, and the diaphragm. Leah then makes her choice.