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Clark and his family head for cover as a huge tornado destroys everything in its path. Jonathan sacrifices himself to save the family dog.
Strong stormy weather can cause flash floods. This is when heavy rain pours down on a region and very quickly floods an area. Scientists are trying to find ways to warn people before flooding hits by studying weather patterns.
Hurricanes can cause extreme destruction. Hurricane forecasters are trying to develop ways to improve forecasting a storm's intensity and path.
Landslides can occur without warning. Landslides are events when mountainsides fails and slide down bringing with it mud and debris to engulf the land below. Geologists are studying landslides to find out what causes these catastrophic events without warning.
Forecasters can predict when they believe tornadoes may form with radar research in severe storms. Tornadoes can be extremely devasting ripping through towns and occuring very quickly sometimes with little warning.