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  • We Bare Bears: Peanut Allergy

    Panda and Clifford are having a fun time together when Clifford realizes Panda is using him to get close to his sister, Lucy. While running away from Panda, Clifford accidentally gets peanut butter all over himself, and he experiences a severe allergic reaction, causing his face to swell and his breathing to slow. Panda looks for the allergy pen to save Clifford and experiences a similar allergic reaction. Despite his condition, he manages to save Clifford, who in turn saves him with another allergy pen.

  • Hitch: Food Allergy

    In this comedic example of food allergies, Hitch eats some seafood and starts to exhibit signs that something's wrong. He finds out that he has a food allergy, and he frantically searches for some medicine to suppress his allergic reaction.