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A track doctor explains their careers and how they can be involved in sports without being on the field.
A chartered accountant seeks career advice from a vocational guidance counselor. He is looking for a new, exciting career with growth opportunities. He mentions that he would like to be a lion tamer, and the counselor asks about his experience. The ensuing conversation reveals that he does not actually know what a lion is and mistakes it for an anteater.
Sing and dance along with Hip Hop Harry and his pals at Hip Hop Central as they learn all about growing up and picking a career! You can be anything from a doctor to a sailor to a film producer! Finding a career that you love is so much fun! What do you want to be when you grow up?
Barry B. Benson is given an orientation of his future career choices as a bee worker. He is disillusioned at the thought of working the same job for his entire life.
Webber and Bailey interview potential interns, and the applicants illustrate all the things you shouldn't do in a job interview. Stereotypical millenial tendencies are exaggerated to emphasize the poor habits of interviewees.