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Something smells fishy about the Lunch Lab's newest member, an awfully hairy little girl named Franny. Some quick thinking by Mixie reveals Franny is actually Fast Food Freddy in disguise! The gang decides to teach their new friend "Franny" about the benefits of a tasty snack with good fats.
Fast Food Freddy hypnotizes the entire city (and the Lunch Lab gang) with his new creation: The Lazy Hazy. Mixie is the only one who's not affected. She whips up some delicious Energy-Boost Bars to save the day. Fizzy and Mixie hit the streets to get everyone moving again.
Has profanity
Tony introduces Dr. Shirley to fried chicken, although Dr. Shirley rejects it at first. He then falls in love with it.
Morgan talks to some health experts about the obesity epidemic in America and how fast food restaurants are a contributor to it. Lisa Young, a professor at New York University, illustrates how fast food companies have changed their portion sizes over time to make excessive amounts of food the norm.
In this clip, Charlie explains Voronoi diagrams with an analogy to fast food restaurants. The diagram would partition the restaurants into cells and for people who live within each cell, that restaurant would be the closest place they could get fast food. He uses this concept to also find likely settlement sites by finding a close water source.