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Pablo turns on the TV to a show called "Lugar de Vacaciones," in which Sam is the host. He mentions several travel destinations, such as Florida, Thailand, and Egypt. Then Sam lists the ways that people typically travel to those destinations: by plane, by train, or by car.
The Doctor uses Beethoven as an example explaining the Bootstrap Paradox as a result of time travel
The Doctor takes Clara time traveling on the TARDIS and she questions whether the Doctor sees her as a ghost or living person after seeing the entire life cycle of the Earth.
An astronaut explains to his son how his upcoming moon landing will work (if all goes well). He also discusses the Apollo 1 tragedy with his worried son.
What seems like smooth-sailing quickly turns into an emergency for the astronauts of Apollo 13. This clip illustrates a defining moment of the Apollo 13 mission, when the ship experiences critical failures.