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Remy is on a mission to cook up a masterful dish, so he goes to the rooftop with Emile and starts cooking a mushroom on a lightning rod. When the storm approaches, they get zapped by the lightning and fly off the roof. The lightning cooks the mushroom to perfection.
Luke, Ben, Han Solo, and Chewbacca escape the Imperial Forces using the Millennium Falcon. They're being chased by Imperial cruisers, which are gaining on them. Han decides that the only way to lose them is to make the jump to light speed and prepares the ship for the jump. Luke is panicked and tries to rush Han to make the jump, but Han explains that they need to make the right calculations or it could spell disaster.
The Titans must stop Thunder and Lightening from destroying the City.
Senku and friends take advantage of the weather by using a chunk of metal as a lightning rod, wrapped in bronze thread, to make magnets. They then use the magnets to create a generator for electricity.
Jake and Melanie are walking on the beach during a lightning storm. Lightning strikes the sand near them, and Melanie starts to run the other way. However, Jake pulls her to the location where the lightning struck and claims it's safer because lightning can never strike the same place twice. They kiss, and during their intimate moment, lightning strikes the same spot again, hitting them.